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                                                                          We teach you what you want to know online!

Senior CompuCare was born with its mission to help seniors in day-to-day computing, seniors taught by seniors and to provide them with online computer training, computer diagnostic,  fixing computers , computer repair and advocate-type services for those wanting help in purchasing some form of computers, tablets, smartphones and digital devices.

What makes Senior CompuCare unique is our training method – teaching individuals, adults, kids, businesses, groups what they want to know, on their own computers, in the comfort of their own home, online, and business or group location.

From Computing Basics, MS Office Products, E-mail, Business Report Tools and Internet Fundamentals to IT training inPC Diagnostics and Repair, Security and Digital Photography. Senior CompuCare provides a wide array of services offering a well-rounded, competitive advantage to stand out in the hundreds of resumes that employers weed through daily.

Today Senior CompuCare provides one-on-one training. We now specialize not only in training individuals, but in customized  computer training for Veterans , groups, furthering business and corporate computing, online computer training, electronic devices/gadget needs; and  technology training for kids , the novice, advanced and expert computer user.

Online Computer Training, Computer Training, Computer Repair, Smartphone Training